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Roof Management Services

Total Roof Asset Management – Professional analysis and management of a roof asset portfolio; including all services as appropriate for the project and client combined with contractor services to perform repair, maintenance, and/or replacement work.

Budgeting & Projecting – Preparation of financial analysis of required repair and replacement expenditures including projected life cycle cost analysis.

Warranty Tracking – Registration and monitoring of client warranty status, including covered repairs, defects and follow-up inspections.

Prioritization of Resources – Analysis of roof asset inventory with recommendations on the distribution of capital and expense budgets for the most cost effective results.

Installation & Maintenance Standards – Preparation of written or graphical standards and guidelines for use in repairs, maintenance, improvements, alterations, or re-roofing.

Real Time Information & Cost Management – Storage and organization of all data for a given facility or group of facilities, allowing clients and authorized users immediate access to most current information.

Inspection / Preventative Maintenance Services

Inspection Service- Complete Roof analysis, including detailed drawings, pictures of existing or potential problems and detailed proposals.

Preventative Maintenance- Qualified Technicians complete routine maintenance and monitor the natural wear caused by element exposure to extend the life span of the roof.

Emergency Service- Specially trained crews respond to emergency calls to locate and repair roof leaks.

Consulting and Detail Services

Roof Plans – Field measured CAD Drawing

Detailing – Construction for new, re-roofing or repair work.

Project Specifications – Written description of work including technical specifications, general and supplemental conditions, contract forms, etc.

Material Selection – Matching material properties with specific project and/or Life Cycle requirements.

Energy Analysis- Analysis of cost savings associated with different insulation and construction options.

Code & Insurance Review – Analysis of new or existing construction for compliance with required standards.

Project Management – Management of the design, bidding and contract award process.

Subcontract Design Services – Roof consulting and design services performed for other design professionals with in-house Florida Engineering Certification

Residential Roofing Services

Full Roof Replacements - One Source Roofing specializes in full residential roof replacements for shingle, metal, tile roofs and more.

Leak Repair- Specially trained crews respond to calls to locate and repair roof leaks in most residential roofs.

Free Estimates - Call us direct (407) 660-8552 to set up a convenient appointment to have a roofing professional inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate.

One Source Roofing is ready for your next project.